Ian Calderwood – Old Pulteney Maritime Hero 2015

Each year Old Pulteney, the “maritime malt whisky”, invites nominations from sailing clubs for their “maritime heroes” in the categories: club service, sailing achievement and bravery.



This year the council of Trent Offshore Group nominated Ian Calderwood for his ten year record of editing and producing our journal TOGline. In 2005 Ian was "persuaded" to take over the editorship of TOGline - our quarterly newsletter in black and white with rather staid factual reports of our various sailing expeditions. Ian livened up the magazine very successfully - particularly with his witty editorial comment, his encouragement of a more interesting and lively sailing reports and full colour illustrations.

In ten years as editor he has never failed to produce a timely and entertaining edition and he has an excellent way of cajoling copy out of reluctant or reticent contributors. Ian is now one of thirty finalists for the award of Old Pulteney Maritime Hero and will receive a certificate and a bottle of 12 year aged Old Pulteney. He follows other TOG recipients in earlier years including John Bryant, Arthur Wood, Mark Davis and Keith Stedman.